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Summer Storms & Mountain Ash - Polar Opposite Bedsheets
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Summer Sky & Ocean Breeze - Polar Opposite Bedsheets
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Hot Cocoa & Chilled Mocha - Polar Opposite Bedsheets
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Warm Vanilla & Island Coconut - Polar Opposite Bedsheets
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I freeze at night and my hubby melts (his words LOL) so this is the perfect solution.

Charlotte M.

Best sheets EVER!! The design detail is perfect! The fitted sheet is amazing. No extra pulling to get it to fit. Fits perfectly and the top sheet is just as awesome. I used to hate climbing into bed and now I can’t wait!!

Carli L.

I have a hot wife but she is always freezing, while I overheat. The design of these sheets may have saved our marriage. No more arguing over fabric or temperature.

Brett A.
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Best sheets EVER!! The design detail is perfect! The fitted sheet is amazing. No extra pulling to get it to fit.

The Creation of Polar Opposite Bedding

Once upon a time, two opposites fell in love. She loved the sun. He loved the snow. It quickly became clear they were polar opposites. She would always be cold and he would be hot.  

One night as she slept comfortably buried under a mountain of blankets, he was wide awake - sweat dripping from his body. In that moment, he had an epiphany – why not create bedding that was comfortable for both of them? 

And so Polar Opposite Bedding began. Our sheets are designed for couples like you. We sincerely hope you enjoy every moment sleeping together, knowing that the sheets you buy are designed for your preference to both texture and climate. Your half, your way!

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Does it really work?

Did your read the testimonials? Absolutely. Fleece is naturally warm and microfiber is a great light weight option that wicks moisture. Many couples comment how nice it is to simply roll back over to their side of the bed if the the temperature gets uncomfortable in the night.

What do you mean oversized?

If you've ever tried putting standard sheets on a modern mattress, you know what a hassle that can be.  Both king and queen size sheets have deep 18" mattress pockets for easy bed making. Our top sheets have added length to minimize untucking in the night.

King: Flat Sheet: 108" x 102"; Fitted Sheet: 78" x 80" x 18" deep; Envelope Pillowcases: 20" x 40"

Queen: Flat Sheet: 90" x 102"; Fitted Sheet: 60" x 80" x 18" deep; Envelope Pillowcases: 20" x 32" 

What is an envelope style pillow case?

Most pillowcases are like an open ended bag, displaying your well-worn pillow on one end. Gross! Polar Opposite Bedding only makes clean, luxurious envelope-style pillowcases. Our pillowcases are like the ones you expect to find at the finest boutique hotels, concealing both ends of the pillow with a convenient envelope-style flap.

What's the thread count?

Thread count is talked a lot about when purchasing bedsheets. The term refers to a standard of measurement for the number of fibers woven in cotton bedding.

Microfiber has it's own standard of measurement called gsm, because it's lighter and stronger than cotton. Polar opposite bedding is made out of an ultra high 105 gsm microfiber. Most manufacturers use an inferior and cheaper 90 gsm. That means our microfiber is nearly 20% better than most other products on the market. Combine that with our comfortable 200 gsm fleece and you know you're getting high quality bedding. We wouldn't have it any other way.